CDs / DVDs

CDs / DVDs
CDs / DVDs

All That Remains (Behind silence and solitude)
Allhelluja (Inferno museum)
Amorphis (Far from the sun)
Andrew W.K. (I get wet)
Angra (Rebirth)
Arch Enemy (Wages of sin)
Arch Enemy (Anthems of rebellion)
Arise (The godly work of art)
Artrosis (Melange)
Arwen (Memories of a dream)
Avenged Sevenfold (Avenged sevenfold)
Barricada (Por instinto)
Battlelore (Sword’s song)
Bessech (Souls highway)
Beseech (Drama)
Beyong The Embrace (Against elements)
Bludgeon (Crucify the priest)
Bonfire (Knock out)
Caliban (The awakening)
Callenish Circle (Flesh, power, dominion)
Callenish Circle (My passion, your pain)
Celesty (Reign of elements)
Centinela (Sangre eterna)
Cradle of Filth (Bitter suites to succubi)
Cradle of Filth (Damnation and a day)
Crematory (Remind) Live CD + Special Bonus CD
Crematory (Believe)
Crematory (Klagebilder)
Crematory (Pray)
Crossbreed (Synthetic division)
Daemon (The second coming)
Dark Moor (The gates of oblivion)
Dark Tranquility (Exposures in retrospect and denial)
DevilDriver (The last kind words)
Dew Scented (Inwards)
Diabolical (A thousand deaths)
Diecast (Day of reckoning)
Diecast (Internal revolution)
Dimmu Borgir (In sorte diabolic)
Disarmonia Mundi (Fragments of D-generation)
Disbelief (Shine)
Doro (True at heart)
Downset (Universal)
Dream Evil (Evilized)
Dream Theater (Metropolis pt. 2: scenes from a memory)
Dream Theater (Train of thought)
Dream Theater (Score)
Drowning Pool (Sinner)
Ektomorf (Destroy)
Ektomorf (Instinct)
El Caco (Viva)
Elis (God’s silence devil’s temptation)
Eluveitie (Slania / evocation 1)
Epica (The divine conspirancy)
Epica (The phantom agony) Limited Edition
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (A virgin and a whore)
Evenfall (Cumbersome)
Evereve (E-mania)
Extreme (Pornograffitti)
Fear Factory (Obsolete)
Fear Factory (Digimortal)
Fear Factory (Archetype)
Final Breath (Mind explosion)
Forlorn (Hybernation)
Freedom Call (Crystal empire)
Gammaray (land of the free II)
Gorefest (Rise to ruin)
Graveworm ([n]utopia)
Graveworm (Collateral defect)
H.O.T.D. (Ignite)
Haste (When reason sleeps)
Hatesphere (Ballet of the brute)
Heavenly (Sign of the winner)
Helloween (Walls of Jericho)
Helloween (The dark ride)
Helloween (Rabbit don´t come easy)
Hope Of The States (The lost riots)
Horroroscope (Pictures of pain)
Ill Niño (Revolution revolución)
Ill Niño (Confession)
Ill Niño (One nation underground)
Incubus (Make yourself)
Insomnium (In the halls of awaiting)
Iron Fire (Thunderstorm)
Iron Fire (On the edge)
Iron Maiden (No prayer for the dying)
Jacobs Dream (Theater of war)
Kalmah (The black waltz)
Kalmah (They will return)
Kamelot (The fourth legacy)
Kayser (Kaiserhof)
Killswitch Engage (The end of heartache)
Killswitch Engage (Killswitch Engage)
Killswitch Engage (Alive or not breathing)
Kittie (Oracle)
Konkhra (Reality check)
Kotipelto (Waiting for the dawn)
Limp Bizkit (Significant other)
Limp Bizkit (Chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water)
Lordi (Get wet)
Lullacry (Be my god)
Lullacry (Crucify my heart)
Mandragora Scream (Fairy tales from hell’s caves)
Mandragora Scream (A wisper of dew)
Masterplan (Masterplan)
Megadeth (Countdown to extinction)
Megadeth (United abominations)
Metallium (Hero nation – Chapter three)
Mnemic (Mechanical spin phenomena)
Mortus (Exploring new horizons)
Murderdolls (Beyond the valley of the murderdolls)
Mushroomhead (XX)
Nevermore (This godless endeavor)
Nightwish (Once)
Nightwish (Over the hills and far away)
No One (No one)
Nocturnal Rites (Shadowland)
Node (Das capital)
Nonexist (Deus deceptor)
Nothingface (Violence)
Novembre (Novembrine waltz)
Obituary (Anthology)
One Minute Silence (Buy now… saved later)
Onward (Reawaken)
Orphanage (Driven)
Orphanage (Inside)
Orphaned Land (Mabool – The story of the three sons of seven)
P.O.D. (Satellite)
Paradox (Collision course)
Peach (Giving birth to a stone)
Pegazus (The headless horseman)
Pennywise (About time)
Pink Cream 69 (Endangered)
Primal Fear (Nuclear Fire)
Primal Fear (Black Sun)
Primus (Pork soda)
Pro-Pain (Age of tyranny – the tenth crusade)
Pro-Pain (Shreds of dignity)
Prong (Rude awakening)
Prong (Scorpio Rising)
Queen Of The Damned (Static-X, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Deftones…) B.S.O.
Ram-zet (Escape)
Rage (Carved in stone)
Rage Against The Machine (Evil empire)
Raunchy (Velvet Noise)
Raunchy (Confusion Bay)
Re:Aktor (Zero order)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (Californication)
Secret Sphere (Scent of human desire)
Sentenced (The cold white light)
Sepultura (Arise)
Sepultura (Nation)
Sepultura (Under a pale grey sky)
Sepultura (Roorback)
Shade Empire (Sinthetic)
Siebenburgen (Plagued be thy angel)
Sinergy (To hell and back)
Sinister (Creative killings)
Sinner (There will be execution)
Sirenia (At sixes and sevens)
Sirenia (An elixir for existence)
Skyfire (Timeless departure)
Slayer (God hates us all)
Smaxone (Regression)
Sonata Arctica (Songs of silence – Live in Tokyo)
Source (Left alone)
Soliwork (A predators portrait)
Sonic Syndicate (Only inhuman)
Steel Prophet (Book of the dead)
Steel Prophet (Unseen)
Stratovarius (Intermission)
Supreme Majesty (Tales of a tragic kingdom)
Supreme Majesty (Danger)
Susperia (Vindication)
Susperia (Cut from stone)
Susperia (Unlimited)
Terror2000 (Faster disaster)
Terror2000 (Terror for sale)
The Black League (Ichor)
The Black League (Utopia A.D.)
The Defaced (Karma in black)
The Duskfall (Frailty)
The Duskfall (Lifetime supply of guilt)
The Kovenant (Animatronic)
The Kovenant (Seti)
The Project Hate MCMXCIX (Hate, dominate, congregate, eliminate)
The Provenance (Still at arms length)
The Stormrider (Criseida)
Theatres Des Vampires (Jubilaeum anno Dracula 2011)
Theatres Des Vampires (Bloody lunatic asylum)
Theatres Des Vampires (Suicide vampire)
Theatres Des Vampires (Vampirysme…)
Theatres Des Vampires (Desire of damnation)
Throne Of Chaos (Pervertigo)
Thunderstone (Evolution 4.0)
To Die For (Epilogue)
Trepalium (Through the absurd)
Tristania (Ashes)
Trivium (Ascendancy)
Type o Negative (The last worst of)
Ugly Kid Joe (America’s least wanted)
Ugly Kid Joe (Motel California)
Ultraspank (Progress)
Vintersorg (The focusing blur)
Virtuosity (Secret visions)
Visions Of Atlantis (Eternal endless infinity)
Warmen (Beyond abilities)
Warmen (Unkown soldier)
Winger (In the heart of the young)
Wisdom Call (Wisdom call)
Witchery (Symphony for the devil)
Withering Surface (Walking on phantom ice)
Wolverine (The window purpose)

Six Feet Under (Live with full force) DVD (3 discs)
Six Feet Under (Double dead) DVD + Bonus Audio CD

También dispongo de gran cantidad de camisetas de segunda mano.